Vitor Lindo: Two Times Best Photographer in Georgia offers top notch wedding photography and videography


Vitor Lindo is a professional wedding photographer and videographer. His company is based in Georgia and provides affordable global services.

The Georgia Business Journal catalogs the best photographers and videographers in the area and serves as a platform for newlywed couples to share their experiences and vote for the best of the best. After being named Best Videographer in Savannah, Georgia in 2019, Vitor Lindo was named Georgia State’s Best Photographer for two consecutive years in 2020 and 2021.

Vitor has attended over 350 weddings and helped hundreds of satisfied customers capture the happiest days of their lives. With over nine years of experience, Vitor Lindo is the most dedicated wedding photographer in Georgia, dedicated to his customers and grateful for their trust.

“Spending most of my life traveling the world made me a gypsy at heart. I’m a photographer through and through, but most of all, I’m a collector of wonderful things. As an intrepid people watcher, I have specialized in capturing moments that only exist for a heartbeat. Photos are real magic … and the camera is my magic wand. ” said Vitor.

Vitor was sought after and loved by hundreds of brides and grooms because of his friendly, approachable, and hassle-free personality. Realizing that new couples are under tremendous pressure to prepare for the big day, Vitor and his team have made it their business to help bridal couples feel comfortable and secure:

“We love shooting weddings and we want couples to feel like they have two new best friends.” said Vitor.

In addition to providing exemplary wedding photography and videography services, Vitor and his team are committed to helping their clients and clients make informed decisions about their wedding day. Vitor Lindo’s blog contains numerous articles with helpful advice such as:

Vitor Lindo’s longevity in the industry is also explained by his selflessness and love for his comrades and videographers. He has helped numerous colleagues by sharing his wealth of experience through helpful tips and explanatory videos, all of which are available on his Website blog.

Vitor Lindo and his professional team use the latest technology and equipment to ensure that every moment at every wedding is flawlessly timed and captured:

“A wedding video is a priceless investment. Saving these priceless memories will last for generations to come. Not only the big picture is essential, but also the speeches. You are one of the most intimate moments of a wedding. We can never get those short minutes in which the elders give you marriage advice for a happy life back if we don’t keep it forever. “

Vitor Lindo’s services include Savannah, Atlanta, Bluffton, Hilton Head, Jekyll Island, Sea Island, Jacksonville, and Miami. For more information on Vitor and its services, see his official website.

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