The Flintshire based photographer has studied at Glyndwr Uni. a whole new perspective


A PHOTOGRAPHER told how studying at the university opened your eyes to new opportunities on the way to international award success.

Katie McCormick from Mold impressed the jury in two categories at the Glow International Photography Awards with impressive monochrome images.

The 37-year-old shared how joining Wrexham Glyndwr opened her mind to new things and helped create the pictures.

“Since I’ve been taking pictures for eight years, I’ve kind of been in a place where I wasn’t moving, doing nothing new, nothing exciting,” she said.

“The university opened my eyes to a different way of seeing things and photographing things. It really pushes my boundaries and drives me to get better. ”

Katie, who is originally from Wirral, won a silver award for a portrait of her 12 year old son Alfie.

The photographer was inspired to take the photo after experimenting with light while studying.

She also received the People’s Choice Award for her photo of the dancer Alicia Rosa, which was taken for a university assignment by combining different images to convey her movement.

Katie participated in the international competition, open to both amateurs and professionals, to build their confidence after finding out about it on social media.

She added, “I didn’t expect to get any awards, I was lucky enough to just get into the finals.

“I stepped in to give myself a boost, boost my confidence, and share with others who I hoped would later build on my skills.

“We are all inspired by others and we really compare ourselves to what’s out there! I was amazed when I won two prizes! ”

Katie, who runs a photography business in Moldova, is in the first year of her BA (Hons) film and photography degree.


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