The Colombian photographer Josefina Santos captures Latinx people as they see fit


To celebrate Latinx Heritage Month this year, ceremony invited Latinx individuals to speak for themselves – to describe their identity in their own words, whether that means rejecting or accepting conventional, colonial terms. Using a mix of captivating studio portraits, interview material and raw iPhone content from Latinx people, Ceremonia puts together a story that authentically represents who Latinx people are. Ultimately, Ceremonia’s new campaign is a reminder that each individual has a choice to identify as they see fit.

Colombian photographer Josefina Santos captures a unique cast who Includes Maria Alia, a Palestinian and Puerto Rican content creator based in Brooklyn, Qori Camargo, a Trans-Peruvian artist based in New York, Paola Ortiz, a Puerto Rican psychology student based in Pennsylvania, Karl-hens Pompilus, a Haitian photographer with Brooklyn based and Leslie Rodriguez, a Dominican-American comedian from New Jersey.

Like fabrics that combine to form a tapestry, each portrait retains its uniqueness and individuality and at the same time manifests something larger – a direct reflection of the vast cultures, communities and countries that embody “Latinx”. Because we are not one and we are not one. We are many and we are many things. Boxing cannot define us. Limits cannot define us. Limits cannot define us. Binary files cannot define us. Ideal standards of beauty … Tilt. Define. US.

“In my Palestinian and Puerto Rican heritage, we love to have fun and party, even though our countries have seen many terrible things. We still find joy and happiness and nobody can take that away from us. “- Maria Ali

“When I was growing up, I had no representation. I was always looking for one [Latinx] Person with curly red hair, just like wild looking you know, freckles everywhere. But I’ve never seen that. I just saw straight blonde hair, straight brown hair, straight hair. I didn’t see curls anywhere. “- Paola Ortiz

“As a Latina, as a trans woman, I didn’t see myself or my friends represented. So I switched to accepting beauty as a very personal experience. It was the only thing that saved my opinion on beauty or the beauty industry, I should say. ”- Qori Camargo

“I think beauty is different for everyone. Everyone has a different idea of ​​beauty. It’s like a box, I don’t want to put anything or anyone in a box. I can tell someone that they are beautiful, but I have the feeling that everyone is so different. “- Karl-Hen’s Pompilus

“I grew up watching novels and everyone I saw in the novels had long hair, shapely bodies, and beautiful faces. Being slim was what was considered beautiful … I’m grateful that I didn’t have a substitute because now I am the substitute. “- Leslie Rodriguez


photographer Josefina Santos

Videographer David Barron

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