The bed linen of choice for Elizabeth Taylor and Coco Chanel is back on the market | Architecture overview


The Treccia design with a chain motif inspired by Florentine architecture is available in the Pratesi bed and bathroom series.

Photography courtesy Pratesi

“The recipe that makes Pratesi so special is the craftsmanship, the workload and the procurement of the best raw materials,” explains Klein. It was a kind of training, she says about her team’s deep insight into the world of Pratesi after the takeover in 2020. Box after box of archive materials was delivered by the traditional brand’s Italian headquarters, and that’s how the creative process, the mechanics behind Pratesis, began carefully handcrafted production.

“It’s almost like a jigsaw puzzle to make sure we all have the pieces to bring this brand back to its shine – and make it even better, we think. If Remigio Pratesi were here, he would be proud, ”says Klein.

Although many of the ateliers associated with the label since its inception no longer exist, the remaining few remain to carry out their craft for the next generation of Pratesi consumers. The same box maker, for example, will create the signature packaging for what Klein calls “the ceremony” of the Pratesi experience. In areas where new resources are needed, “we use our network of what we consider to be the best craftsmen in the industry,” says Klein. “It created a pretty spectacular supply chain.”

From process to design, the brand’s next chapter is a delicate interweaving of classic and modern. Popular embroidery like Tre Righe and Treccia will celebrate a comeback alongside the debut collections Icona and Treccia Moderno – both fresh interpretations of well-known styles. Icona, for example, integrates the iconic “P” monogram with a new elegance, while the latter shows a chain motif without a scallop shell, because “there is a contemporary customer,” says Klein. The designs are made from Egyptian cotton percale linen, a selection from Angel Luxe or the fresh debut Paradiso, both of which are made in Italy.

With its newly introduced digital interface directly to the consumer and a range of new designs, Pratesi hopes to challenge the age-old conflict: can relevance and longevity coexist? Klein says, “We use these subtle additions to make the company relevant today, but also to ensure that this timeless piece exists. Because if you take care of this bed linen, it can last a lifetime. “


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