Silly Sunday returns, sellers enjoy face-to-face interactions


This summer’s first Silly Sunday brought out dozens of local artists, vendors and food and drink vendors. Thanks to a new liquor license, grown-up drinks like Bloody Marys were on the Lower Main Street menu.

In a tent near the intersection of Heber Avenue, Mecia Emery displayed colorful dog collars she had made by hand at home in Park City. She hoped to sell 50 to 60 of them.

Her shop is called Luni & Roo, named after her two dogs. Most of her sales take place online, but she said it’s a great opportunity to set foot in the Silly Market in person.

“It’s really the best marketing for us,” Emery said. “We get a lot of attention and it’s super fun just to be outside and meet all these new faces and everyone’s dogs, and for business we usually do pretty well every Sunday.”

Last year, Luni & Roo only had a stall at the market a couple of times, but Emery said she’s signed up for a tent every Sunday this summer.

It was Heber City photographer Johnny Adolphson’s first-ever appearance at the Silly Market, but he also attended Art Around the Square in Midway the week before.

He doesn’t know exactly how many prints he plans to sell, but said he also plans to come back every Sunday this summer.

“For me, the sale of the tent is huge,” said Adolphson. “It’s one thing for people to see my art either on their phone or on the web. But it’s another thing to come out and see the real prints and the big acrylic and the big metal prints, and the art speaks for itself when you see the big pieces in person.”

Adolphson said he will be at Art Around the Square on July 4th and 24th and Midway Swiss Days in late summer.

Murray’s Alex and Amanda Boyd said they were looking for a toy maker whose tent they’ve been visiting for years, since the artist was 10 years old. Having attended a wedding the night before, they wanted to spend a relaxing day in the old town and support the local economy.

“We’re probably going to spend two or three hours hanging out, having a coffee and walking around,” said Alex Boyd. “I think we want to make sure the local economy is really strong. It’s a cool bit about Utah and the outdoor community here.”

Silly Sunday, on Lower Main Street, runs from 10am to 5pm on Sundays except August 7th, 14th and 21st. The last day is September 25th.


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