Rebecca praised the unfiltered and makeup-free photo with Zied


Rebecca Parrott has been dubbed the catfish and filter queen for her over-edited selfies on Instagram after her 90-day engagement debut with Zied Hakimi.

90 days fiance Fans were impressed with Rebecca Parrott’s confidence when she went for a no-filter, no-makeup look in a recent cameo video with Zied Hakimi. Rebecca started her TLC journey through 90 days fiancé: Before the 90 days when she dared a leap of faith and hoped to find her fourth husband in Zied. What worried Rebecca that Zied doesn’t like her personally as he always saw her with a filter during their video chats. Not only was Zied Rebecca’s biggest fan, confidently wearing her face on his t-shirt, but the couple also got married in 90 days fiance Season 8 and are still happily together in the US


Are you 90 days fiance Debut Rebecca earned the title “Filter queen“Which she proudly accepted on social media. Despite some obvious criticism of her Photoshop-edited photos, Rebecca was proud when she revealed which filter and app she used on her glamorous selfies. Apart from the fact that Rebecca as “puma“For marrying a man 20 years her junior, she was also accused of being a catfish 90 days fiance. At the age of 50, Rebecca gave herself a brand new makeover and often talked about her treatments with Kybella, botox, liposuction, etc. on Instagram. Rebecca recently revealed her Bratz doll look when she also admitted that “Beauty when pain“Refers to getting lip fillers for the perfect pout.

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Lately, she has proudly flaunted her natural glow on her social media posts and her Instagram fans have been impressed with this new take on Rebecca. A Reddit user u / knightnstlouis revealed that Rebecca gave up on her makeup even while recording cameo videos with Zied. The video, available on Zied and Rebecca’s shared cameo page, has them send holiday wishes to a fan named Chris. Rebecca wears an olive green top showing her new chest tattoo and no makeup on her face. On the Reddit post, fans were surprised to see Rebecca in her, no filter, no nothing look, but some comments can’t stop marveling at how amazing she looks at 50.

Rebecca Zied Marriage Cameo No Filter In 90 Days Fiancé

I would probably get turned down, but I think she looks fine and looks her age. At least she’s confident enough to let go of the makeup and filter now. It’s a big step!“Wrote u / laji1026. Meanwhile, u / Kimk20554 added: “Yes, she looks her age and I am happy to see that she is comfortable in her private moments, looking her age and not trying to be someone she is not. News flash: We all age“Some fans admitted that it’s refreshing to see Rebecca so raw and real when you see heavily filtered photos of other celebrities on Instagram. Some pointed out that Rebecca has great skin and are impressed with her willingness to show up without the FaceApp edits.

Aside from wowing everyone with her youthful looks, Rebecca also seems to be promoting her OnlyFans page and photography business. It’s been a while since Zied and Rebecca showed up on TV after theirs 90 days fiance Success in season 8. Last year, Zied found an exciting new job in the US. Fans wouldn’t mind meeting Zied and Rebecca in a new spin-off. But until then, they should wait for Rebecca to reveal her beauty secrets.

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