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SAINT JOHN – The popularity of Bloom Boutique’s hair accessories and jewelry comes as an unexpected but exciting surprise to local entrepreneur and photographer Kendra Thomas.

Thomas started her boutique with these skills and was already making headbands for babies, which resulted in other hair accessories and even masks.

She started her photo business The little moments in life photography In 2009, she said she always had a camera in hand as a child. Her grandfather was a photographer, and she went with them and learned when he was doing wedding shoots.

Example of the headbands from Bloom Boutique (Image: submitted

Bloom Boutique grew out of Thomas’ desire to do something and generate income during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. She and her best friend talked about how much they loved hair ties but couldn’t find one they liked, which inspired them to make and sell them along with her headbands.

Thomas started selling her hair accessories online last June and soon after the business was booming.

Working from home, Thomas says business has been good and since the number of orders fluctuates with the season, up to 100 orders would be shipped in a few weeks. The holidays were so busy that Thomas’s seven-year-old son helped her fulfill the scrunchie orders when she was assisted over Christmas.

“He actually helped me for three hours and it became something he really enjoyed doing from then on,” she said.

This year Thomas added bookmarks and key chains to the Bloom Boutique line and plans to add more products and inquiries as the business grows. One request she received recently was for a custom tutu.

“It surprised me because I wasn’t really expecting it to be this crowded and it just keeps blooming,” she said, adding that she has customers from all over Canada, from Newfoundland to British Columbia and even some from the UK.

“I do more with Bloom than I do with photography now, so it was interesting and it was very different from anything I did before.”

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