KB Studio Productions: Provides the premium photography and videography services and solutions you are looking for.


It’s a growing brand that has hit the industry with a globally recognized team of wedding filmmakers and photographers.

There are several brands and companies in this world that we hear about almost every day; However, some brands and companies inspire us with their success, which lives from their passion and creativity.

The creative and artistic world is full of many such players, but only a handful of them set milestones in what they do. The photography and videography industry is an industry that is growing rapidly with the advent of many new talented photographers and professionals.

One company that made a splash for all the right reasons is KB Studio Productions, an India-based company with a team that travels the world.

Of course, the pandemic disrupted industries on a large scale, but nonetheless, some of them have chosen newer avenues to recapture their markets.

The team at KB Studio Productions believe the markets may not return to normal anytime soon, but they are positive that things could gradually change for the better as even on a small scale people get married and all they want is , your favorite moments in life at weddings, events, etc., for which you need a top team of photographers and videographers to help you create memories for life with your beautiful shots and videos.

Mr. Keshav Bhardwaj founded the company. He admits that he had a passion for photography from a young age. He began his career by helping seniors gain expertise and improve their skills in the field, and also worked with reputable companies and photographers.

In 2010 he finally decided to start his own company and so KB Studio Productions was born. Mr. Keshav Bhardwaj has also created a team of passionate professionals who have since worked across the country and around the world, successfully covering all types of events.

What has helped them to be unique in the industry is their honesty and transparency in their services and their attention to detail, creating moments based on the client’s personal preferences. KB Studio Productions also received a Film Festival Award.

For the future, they plan to expand and have many other creative studios in the country’s big cities. They have grown into a truly world class photography and videography company with a global footprint.

To find out more, follow them on Instagram @kbstudioproductions.

Published August 21, 2021


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