I can’t get enough of Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian’s red-hot couple style


Obviously, there’s something about Barker that makes Kardashian tick, and it’s changing their style. He is in this strange world between outré-dressers like the artist colleague Carlos Santana and the normal types with normcore taste à la Ben Affleck. Barker reminds me of a small town high school punk who goes into town to buy clothes. (Provided the punk had cash – some of Barker’s pieces, even his flannels, seem expensive). Faint.

MALIBU, CA – MARCH 20: Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are seen at Nobu Restaurant in Malibu, California on March 20, 2021. (Photo by Photographer Group / MEGA / GC Images)Photo: Getty Images

Even in his early days as a drummer at Blink 182, when he wore only pulled up socks, vans, and a cut-off T-shirt, Barker had an appeal. The whole band was dressed in intentionally unfashionable clothes picked from the mall or the skate shop. Always mute, Barker drowned in huge shorts that came to his ankles and a growing number of tattoos. He’s grown up with his style: flannels over graphic t-shirts and pants with ornate designs like skull symbols. The vans remain, however.

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Barker and Kardashian aren’t the only new punk Hollywood couple. Machine Gun Kelly, a friend of Barker’s friends, caught actress Megan Fox. The two have a rowdy style: Kelly, unlike Barker, is a baby of the 90s and finds out his style, dresses in pink suits and dyes his tongue black. If you look back in fashion history, there’s also Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction who enchanted Carmen Electra and later the runway world when he ran for Anna Sui in the spring of 1997 wearing a lavender lace top, lace knickers and low leather pants.

Perhaps the charm of a tattooed, soft-spoken man is that the style is eternally young. He’s everyone’s high school boyfriend in a band or dream of one, but grown up. Barker knows what works for him – band t-shirts, some of which he’s probably worn since his early days at Blink 182. His aesthetic obviously rubs off on Kourtney too, and looks pretty good. Spookily hot. As history has shown us, whether with Victoria and David or Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow, complementary styles are just one more way to show your love for one another. In this case, there’s nothing like a guy anchored in Vans.

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