Dunsmuir Teen is transforming photography into a thriving business


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A career-focused eighth grader in Dunsmuir found a passion during the pandemic and is now marketing himself to the world.

Loki Boone, 13 years old, moved his family from the Paradise area to Dunsmuir after the campfire. He has an eye for photography and editing.

Bored during the COVID-19 pandemic, Loki mastered using a 2013 Canon EOS 100D camera that was given to him about four months ago. He recently marketed himself to the Dunsmuir business community.

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It all started with Dylan Lennon at the Dunsmuir Chamber of Commerce, who offered him an internship at the Chamber of Commerce and commissioned Loki to photograph shop signs in Dunsmuir. The chamber has published its work. But Loki went a step further and offered photo shoots to local businesses.

Laurie Stranberg, owner of Sten’s Burger Stand in Dunsmuir, saw Loki’s work on Facebook.

“He has a good eye,” said Stranberg. “I can always see his style in the pictures.”

When he first appeared, he was paid in “Sten’s Bucks,” which allowed him to buy food to snap photos for Sten’s burger stand to use in advertising.

Loki said it was a win / win as he loves Sten’s Burgers.

Stranberg said she was impressed with Loki’s work and ethics.

“Loki was with us in the kitchen during the photo shoot and took some really good pictures while we were working. He avoided us and worked around us. He just made them glitter in (Adobe) Photoshop. I have a lot Uses for his pictures. “

Strandberg said she will use his pictures when she wants to do a billboard. And that he’s going to haggle with companies is a plus.

“He loves what he does. Other companies should be happy to work with him,” said Stranberg.

Loki takes around 5,000 pictures every week. With no formal training, he said he learned photography by watching people take pictures on YouTube out of boredom.

He enjoys shooting portraits, landscapes, and macros, but lately his focus has been on photographing the streets of Dunsmuir – and its cats.

“I have the basics but I have to practice to excel,” said Loki. “Editing is most of my photography. Everything comes together here. I like the atmospheric look, but I keep it lively, but a little dingy – an industrial look. “

Loki plans to take film classes in college because he said it seems to be more difficult. He hopes to work with the school to take pictures for the yearbook.

“I want to show Dunsmuir to the world and make Dunsmuir better known,” said Loki.

Skye Kinkade is the editor of Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers and Siskiyou Daily News. She is a fourth generation who have lived in Siskiyou County all their lives.

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