Collective Gallery makes waves with trio of new artists


The Collective Gallery has emerged as an exciting new way for talented photographers to take their careers to the next level. Inspired by the record label’s business model, Cam Kirk, Aurielle Brooks and John Rose founded the Collective Gallery with an unprecedented mission to provide career development and financial support to talented photographers on its “label”.

After nearly a decade in the industry, the Collective Gallery team realized an unsolved problem that was all too common among aspiring photographers. While many artists had the talent and vision to be successful, they were often unable to access essential equipment, tools, and other resources to turn their concepts into reality. This prompted Kirk to come up with a new vision for the photography industry that lowered barriers for young creatives. “Collective Gallery is one hundred percent rooted in creating a better landscape for photographers,” Kirk told Forbes.

In the Collective Gallery, young photographers now have the opportunity to use the latest technology in a creative environment in order to assert themselves at the highest level in the industry. In a Forbes interview prior to the COVID outbreak, Kirk said, “I wanted to build another complementary company that can continue to support our mission to sustain the photography industry and help other creatives like me pass the torch on.”

Kirk also hopes to teach emerging talent the value of creating a personal brand. Kirk himself has used his influence in the photo industry to not only secure lucrative creative campaigns, but also support companies such as Avion, Glenlivet, Jameson and Martell. The industry titan has also pioneered the way to monetize its creative work and merchandising items. Now he hopes to use his experience to guide talented photographers on the same path to brand awareness and financial success.

Despite being a brand new and risky business model, Collective Gallery is thriving, most recently celebrating strengthening the label’s ranks with a trio of high-performing creatives. The artists Ryder, Bre’Ann White and Dani B are the first women to sign the new label, so there have been a total of seven artists since the company was founded.

Ryder Brooks, known in the industry as “Ryder”, has used impressive imagery to tell stories since moving to Atlanta in 2016 and his passion for color is a versatile artist with an impressive list of clients including Nike, Red Bull, Rico Nasty , Savage X, The Jimmy Fallon Show, and more.

Ryder’s motivation as an artist is to capture the entire legacy of her generation – including painful aspects. Her work balances joy and triumph with loss and sadness to provide an honest portrayal of her subject. Together with her expert and unorthodox use of color, Ryder’s work shows a refreshing uniqueness in the world of photography.

Bre’Ann White has been creating stunning photos and branding content for over a decade. A native of Detroit, she is known as a fashion and portrait photographer and has traveled the world shooting for clients in famous locations such as southern France, Italy, New York and Los Angeles. Her sharp eye and distinctive style have shown White exhibits at the African American Museum of Philadelphia, the Arabic National Museum, the Norwest Gallery, the N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art, and more. Her work has also been featured nationally in publications such as Essence, Teen Vogue, Harper Bazaar, Hour Magazine, and Netflix.

Bre’Ann is passionate about using her talent to “enhance my community and give voice and platform to the limitless power and beauty of the black experience”. To accomplish this mission, Bre’Ann has hosted exhibitions, campaigns, and panels on social justice in her hometown of Detroit. In addition to being a talented photographer and community advocate, White specializes in creative management, concept development, and project budgeting.

Dani B is the last member of the new trio. As a new name on the scene, Dani B quickly piqued the interest of a world-class clientele and has become one of New York City’s hottest photographers. Dani B’s work can be found everywhere from billboards in Times Square to some of the most popular magazines around.

Dani B is also successful as a dramatic and creative portrait photographer. Their extraordinary use of light, design and color has led to the development of a large portfolio of memorable and distinctive portrait projects.

When asked about her option to join the Collective Gallery, Ryder believes that persistence, preparation, and timing are down to her success and direction. “I made it my mission to become an artist and being under contract was always part of the journey, but being under contract with the first photo label at all? Not to mention that Cam is someone I’ve watched building his empire year after year – it feels a lot like alignment to me, that should be happening. ”

Ryder began working with well-known clients very early in her career, including a project in NYC as a personal photographer for Wisdom ATL during New York Fashion Week and the shooting of Red Bull’s merchandise project “Culture Clash with Freako Rico x Wish ATL” at Year 2018.

New signatory Dani B noted her process of cultivating positive thoughts, setting goals, and taking action to achieve her desired outcome. “I manifested that. I prayed for it. We worked extremely hard for this. This moment and this opportunity are really monumental. “

Finally, Bre’Ann White gave advice to new photographers to remember to stay true to their goal, vision and passion. “I am very excited to take this journey as a signed artist at the Collective Gallery to expand my territory as a photographer and creative entrepreneur. As a Black Creator, my goal is to provide an authentic representation of my surroundings while inspiring and working with visionaries from my global community. Remember to always do what you love and love what you do! “


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