Bright balloons show deep emotions in this impressive self-portrait series


“Tracking down illusions”

The work of the photographer Fares Micue is permeated with poignant images and immediately recognizable. Typically filled with lush flowers and leaves, delicate butterflies, and even folded pieces of origami, her symbolic self-portraits reveal hidden inner worlds through her imaginative and conceptual visual narratives. In some of her most recent pictures, however, she swaps her familiar flora and fauna for vivid spherical balloons that float in the air around her, adding new depth and meaning to her impressive portraits.

“When I use plants and organic elements in my paintings, I often use them to reflect the feeling of growth and how our lives follow the same pattern of nature in many ways,” Micue tells My Modern Met. “On the contrary, balloons are often a direct interpretation of feelings and energy, things that surround us and shape our life experience, whether they cloud our soul, make us fly or give us hope. The round shape is a natural and constant pattern in the universe and is present in the most important elements such as the sun, moon, planets or blood cells. Balloons are delicate and fragile, like feelings. And without corners, they can’t hide anything, which makes them ideal for representing honesty and transparency. “

Each of Micue’s images tells its own story, often inspired by the location in which it was photographed. Forgotten ruins can become a metaphor for time, accompanied by constant change and the need to let go of things as we evolve and grow. “For example in my picture Chasing illusions, I kept seeing these stairs on the way to another location, ”explains Micue. “You are in an old, large dam. It made me think of the time when the dam was full of water and had helped the farmers in the area. But now it is forgotten and lies in ruins. “

“In [that photo], I explore the feelings that no longer correspond to who we are or want to become and which we should let go for our own good, ”she continues. “But instead we keep chasing them to an unknown or unfortunate end, out of fear or uncertainty about following our true feelings.”

See more of Micue’s stunning balloon self-portrait series below. To keep up with the latest from the artist, visit her website and follow her on Instagram. You can also see her at the upcoming Boynes Emerging Artist Award, where she will be a member of the competition 5th edition jury.

If you want to learn more about Micue’s own journey and artistic process, listen to her episode on the My Modern Met Top Artist podcast.

In her latest self-portrait series, the photographer Fares Micue swaps her usual flora and fauna for lively spherical balloons.

Creative photography balloon images

“Contagious Energy”

Creative photography balloon images

“Winter Blues” (Photo: Courtesy of Fares Micue and Artstar)

Creative photography balloon images

“Arouse your curiosity”

The floating balls are a metaphor for the feelings and energies that surround us and shape our lives.

Creative photography balloon images

“High hopes”

Conceptual self-portrait photography by Fares Micue

“The Source of Happiness”

Conceptual self-portrait photography by Fares Micue

“Sweet and Comfortable”

In Micue’s self-portraits, “balloons are delicate and fragile, like emotions” and useful tools to represent honesty and transparency.

Creative photography balloon images

“Endless Possibilities” (Photo: Courtesy of Fares Micue and Artstar)

Conceptual self-portrait photography by Fares Micue

“I choose you”

Conceptual self-portrait photography by Fares Micue

“Wherever you take me”

Micue prices: website | Instagram | Facebook

My Modern Met has given permission to display photos of Fares Micue.

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